CO2 Laser SmartXide Punto

Innovative technique of laser skin rejuvenation. CO2 Laser SmartXide Punto makes such complicated procedures as removal of scars, pathological discoloration, deep lines (even on eyelids and neck) far more efficient and safe. It also helps with phototypes that are prone to get post-inflammatory pigmentation. Moreover, this advanced technique of fractional laser rejuvenation allows to shorten the period of skin recovery after the procedure.


LUXEA Laser for figure-correction, treatment & rejuvenation. LUXEA combines the impulse light treatment device for radio-frequency therapy of face and body with the laser. The combination of both makes the device effective and safe at the same time. It is a unique device with wide application in aesthetics and dermatology.

Equipment for Endosphères Therapy

Endosphères Therapy is globally recognised and respected treatment of excellence for the whole face and body. Thanks to its revolutionary methods of treatment capable of addressing body and face imperfections: fighting cellulite, reversing the skin’s aging process, smoothing the look and feel of the skin, as a small selection of examples. 100% Non-Invasive massage. A safe, clinically tested therapy. Tones muscles and firm tissues. Eliminates toxins. Improves circulation. Remodeling the silhouette.