Special Offer: Plasmalifting with Laser Photorejuvenation for €150!

Greet the New Year renewed, fit and rejuvenated! Only up to December 31!

Plasma Lift + Laser Photorejuvenation = €150!

The New Year’s Offer from medical-aesthetic Center Beauty Life in Punta Prima! Two rejuvenating procedures for one!

Plasmalifting (plasma-therapy, PRP-therapy) is one of the most effective and save rejuvenation techniques in modern cosmetology. Blood plasma has some unique qualities that activate stem cells and improve metabolism in the body.

Plasma therapy takes effect fast, as it is supplemented with the Laser Rejuvenation procedure performed by the innovative Luxea Laser. The result stays for the long time (up to the year).

The effect of Plasma Lift with Laser Photo Rejuvenation:

  • Collagen and elastin production accelerates; the natural process of moisturising the skin starts
  • Wrinkles smooth out; colour and overall texture of the skin improve
  • Skin becomes more toned and elastic; face contour gets more defined
  • Hyperpigmentation lessens
  • Inflammatory processes stop
  •  The process of tissue regeneration accelerates

Book the complex procedure “Plasmalifting with Laser Photorejuvenation” on special: online or call us (+ 34) 622 22 02 08!